Become A Dealer


Neckover Manufacturing is always on the lookout for that special partnership that will help grow our brand in the agriculture and hauling markets. We believe in adding dealers that have the right combination of gumption and can do. Please review the information below to find out if you have the Bull Tuff attitude we are searching for.

Do you meet these criteria?

DOT Dealership Licencing or are in the process of obtaining licensing.

Well maintained Lot and Office

High Traffic Location

Offer Parts and Accessory Sales

Professional Service Center

A good understanding of your local Neckover buyer and the local economy

A strong commitment to the trailer industry

Strong marketing and social media strategy to push your Neckover sales

Dedication to learning about the entire Neckover product line

Ability to be a committed partner that believes in the Neckover Brand and the Bull Tuff Lifestyle

Did you meet our Bull Tuff Standard?

Read on for more information about becoming a Neckover Dealer:

Are there different types of Neckover dealers?

Yes, Neckover has Trailer and Truck Bed Dealers and Truck Bed Only Dealers.

What will my territory be?

Sales territories are determined on market size, population density, market demographics, and dealer type.

Is there a minimum inventory requirement to become a dealer?

Yes, there is a minimum inventory startup cost. Inventory depends on what Neckover Products you plan to carry.

Shipping Options?

Neckover currently offers FOB Plant and assistance on arranging large shipping needs.

How do I unload my truck bed or stacked shipments?

We recommend using an overhead crane or hoist or forklift. If utilizing a forklift we strongly recommend an 8,000-10,000lb capacity forklift with a minimum 8′ fork extensions.

How long are until I receive my order?

Order fulfillment time varies due to manufacturing times, order customizations, and types of products ordered. We have a fully staffed plant manufacturing your order as quickly as possible while still maintaining the excellent Bull Tuff Quality you are expecting.

Will Neckover help me with marketing?

Yes! We are currently growing our marketing department. We currently have a social media marketer on staff who is happy to share your social media across our brand platforms and build you custom posts and images.

Where is the manufacturing plant located?

The manufacturing and main operations are located in the great city of Troup, Tx.

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